Me and my sous chef, WilderWelcome! Here I am with my little sous chef, Wilder. We love dancing around the kitchen and cooking up a storm. I like to think I am conditioning him to be a little culinaire as I give him a taste here, and a whiff there. My style of cooking is a bit of a mixed bag, but specific in its own way.

I think food is one of the greatest pleasures in life and I love that it can be much more than that, too — promoting good health and even sometimes acting as a medicine. The question of “what is healthy?” is something I contemplate more and more in my cooking. At the same time, I won’t deny that I’m a sucker for the naughtier things such as a good plate of pasta, legit pizza, beautiful cake…the list goes on. I really try to reach a balance in the kitchen by keeping it mostly healthy, with the odd indulgence. But when I do indulge, it’s gotta be GOOD!

I love and am fascinated with the direction things seem to be going in terms of how healthy eating is defined. The idea that this might differ from person to person, the idea that whole foods are best, fat is good, inflammatory foods not so good, ethics and integrity around growing the best food, and the fact that our ancestors may have been on to something.

That last point there — ancestral wisdom, is something that I’ve found to be especially fun to explore. While I can’t say this blog will be driven entirely by ancestral wisdom, you’ll see expressions of it here and there in my recipes as I dabble in traditional preparation methods such as ferments, soaking, sprouting, preserves, and sourcing seasonal & local. These traditional preparation methods will promote good health as they increase bioavailability of nutrients, deactivate anti-nutrients, and generally do magical sciencey things to enhance or optimize flavour & texture.

At the same time, there is much to be explored in new preparation methods and food combinations. We are at such an interesting point in the world of food as our scientific understanding develops and new tools are at our fingertips. All while the sharing of knowledge and creativity is at a maximum as people are more connected than ever to information and to each other.

I hope you enjoy exploring these things along with me!

Here is our pup Baguette (aka Bagsy), smiling for the camera (always eager to please!). She is a key member of floor cleanup around here.

Kimchi, our cat isn’t much help in the kitchen…although she makes for a great companion as I work away on the computer.